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About Better Boards! LIVE

Better Boards! LIVE is a training program designed and delivered by Better Boards, a social enterprise based in Nova Scotia. 


Social enterprises are a unique form of corporation that operate between the 100% for-profit and the non-profit world.  Better Boards has a strong commitment to making a positive social contribution.  We choose to promote social good through our commitment to providing good quality education to nonprofit directors and the organizations they serve.

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Operating just like a social enterprise, the core mission of Better Boards! is to improve governance effectiveness in the non-profit sector across Canada, by providing director training opportunities at an affordable price, through partnerships with the private sector and government.

Who We Are

Run by Better Boards! staff and leaders, we are lifelong management consultants, former educators, and experienced nonprofit board executives. Good governance is our passion and we are committed to supporting volunteer directors in serving with distinction.

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